Sell my Bentley with AutoVIP

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Bentley: a word cocooned in luxury and inseparable from the idea of gentlemanly endeavours and success. Despite having owned, polished, cherished and adored your slice of 1919 motoring heritage, there comes a time when one needs to say goodbye. When you find yourself muttering the words “it’s time to sell my Bentley,” rest assured that AutoVIP is here to help…

A brief history of Bentley

Initially a lover of everything that moved, W.O Bentleythe founder of the modern Bentley we know and love, was fascinated by steam trains as a boy. This obsession with pistons, engines and steam was heightened by the advances in mechanical engineering at the time. So much so, that W.O Bentley began to experiment with new alloys in which to enhance the cast iron piston designs of the time. 

Using, of all things, an aluminium paper weight as inspiration, (what a genius) he began experimenting with various formulas before settling with a mixture of 88% aluminium and 12% copper.

This breakthrough was, as with all pre-war innovations, seized by the war effort of WWI and Bentley found himself using his new piston design with various fighter aircraft. After the war however, he returned to his pursuit of passion and put the wheels in motion to create a relentless mixture of both luxury and performance, spawning the prestige car brand we know today as Bentley.

“To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class.”

(W.O. Bentley)

Sell my Bentley Continental GT

Today’s Bentleys are a stunning blend of heritage, modern performance and, let’s be honest, crazily unbeatable suave. As British as cream tea, bulldogs and the Union Flag, Bentleys capture a sense of national identity in the same way as Rolls Royce, Jaguar or Aston Martin.

But then, you know this! You’ve known this since you bought your Bentley and you’ll know this when it’s time to sell your Bentley. As an owner of such a prestigious car, you’ll undoubtedly be wary of who you choose to sell your Bentley. So, why choose AutoVIP?

AutoVIP has spent decades dealing with Bentley buyers, sourcing bastions of British buyers across the UK. Whether it’s a Bentley Continental GT, a coupe or otherwise, we have a car contact who’s willing to part with the cash in a quick, efficient and altogether snappy manner. 

Whatever the reason you need to sell your Bentley, you’ll find AutoVIP more than willing to help!

“What a pleasure to find a company that delivers such exceptional service, value and honesty. AutoVIP’s response to my enquiry was immediate, effective and proactive, taking the hassle of sale away and delivering great value. Not often in the modern world do you find such a great customer experience. You need not look any further.”

Mark Rogerson

Sell your Bentley with AutoVIP

Selling your Bentley car with AutoVIP couldn’t be simpler. A click and a tap of your keyboard (or a quick phone call on 0330 880 8585 if you’d prefer) and you’re away. 

  • Head over to our website and fill in the “request your cash quote” form. 
  • Your Bentley is then presented to our hefty list of luxury car contacts and we gather  their offers. 
  • Then it’s up to you to pick the highest valuation and the money’s exchanged and a collection date arranged.

Simple, quick and hassle-free: the AutoVIP way in a nutshell. All that’s left is to rev her up one more time, hear the sound of that innovative aluminium piston and ponder life beyond Bentley…if there is such a thing.

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