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Ahhh McLaren: British motoracer turned supercar. What’s not to like? When you find yourself thinking “it’s time to sell my McLaren” and you yearn for something new to race into your life, sell your McLaren with AutoVIP to receive a prompt and professional sale that’s always on pole position.

A Brief History of McLaren

McLaren Motor Racing was founded in 1963 by New Zealander Bruce McLaren. A successful grand prix driver, Bruce raced for UK team Cooper but moved away from them to pursue his own automotive endeavours in 1966. The first McLaren was born in this same year, dubbed the  M2B, which was designed by Robin Herd. After decades of F1 racing with multiple engine types, McLaren’s notoriety grew with its honourable fleet of famous drivers: Mika Häkkinen, Ayrton Senna and Nikki Lauda being among the most successful!

Throughout their racing success, McLaren has graced the streets with a staggering range of prestige supercars – from the McLaren F1 to a whole host of GTs, Spiders and everything in between. I think it’s fair to say that most, if not all of us, had a poster of a McLaren proudly hung over our beds at some point…

Sell my McLaren

Who doesn’t want to own a McLaren? It’s a fair question…

If you’re lucky enough to own one of these prestige cars and find yourself thinking “it’s time to sell my McLaren,” who do you trust

“Positive and organised”


“Very prompt attention with a positive and upbeat attitude. Easy to work with and a highly organised and seamless operation, highly recommended. I felt reassured and in safe hands.”

Selling your McLaren with AutoVIP

We’ve been around the block more times than Bruce himself and we’ve collected a prestige list of car contacts who’d jump at the chance to own such a historic slice of automotive excellence. If you’re planning on parting with your McLaren, here’s how AutoVIP can help:

  • Head over to our website and fill in the “request your cash quote” form. Alternatively, get in touch with us directly on 0330 880 8585 if you’d like to chat with one of the team. 
  • Your McLaren is presented to our list of contacts and we gather their offers. 
  • Then it’s up to you to pick the highest valuation and the money’s exchanged and a collection date arranged.

All that’s left is for you to enjoy a final night with your McLaren legacy. Simple, transparent and effective: it’s the AutoVIP way…

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