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Sell my Range Rover

Selling cars can be stressful but the team at AutoVIP are dedicated to providing the best service possible to ensure you get the best price for your Range Rover as well as an efficient and speedy sale. They have created a straight–forward 3–step process for you to sell your Range Rover.

    • Step 1: Contact the Team – either ring the team on 08455 19 20 21 or fill out the application form on this website and they will get back to you with a FREE valuation. This quote is tailored to the specification of your Range Rover and takes all aspects into account.
    • Step 2: Receive a Cash Offer – the team at AutoVIP will turn that FREE valuation into a guaranteed, no obligation cash offer that allows you to take control of the sale. AutoVIP are part of a 2000+ strong network of dealers spread across the UK and so the offer you receive should be the best you can get. Only once you are satisfied with the offer that the team have tailored for you do you accept the cash offer.
    • Step 3: Secure Payment – Once you are satisfied with the offer and the AutoVIP team are happy with the condition of the car in relation to their offer, the buyer will use CHAPs secure bank transfer to get the money into your account immediately. They will then only collect the car once you are satisfied that they money is in your account.

Range Rovers Wanted

AutoVIP are looking for all models of Range Rover and work to a very specific standard, if you feel your car meets these standards and you’re ready to sell, call the team on 08455 19 20 21. AutoVIP’s standards are that the car is no older than five years and has clocked-up no more than 40000 miles.

Find the best Range Rover buyers, hassle-free!

How do you find the best Range Rover buyers?

In a NEW WAY, AutoVIP have built an exclusive network of competing Range Rover buyers throughout the UK to secure the very best cash offers for customers selling Range Rover vehicles. AutoVIP provide a FREE VALUATION AND NO OBLIGATION CASH OFFERS to sell your Range Rover that are firmly underwritten by Range Rover buyers from main dealer groups nationwide. If you accept an offer, the successful Range Rover buyer collects your car directly from home or place of work at a time that is convenient to you. AutoVIP are also Range Rover buyers, purchasing selected vehicles for their own stock. Selling your Range Rover to AutoVIP could not be easier. They can normally collect within 24 hours and always pay the money directly into your bank account prior to collection.

Range Rover’s History

Having been established as the luxurious counter-part to the 1948 debutant the Land Rover, the Range Rover has tapped into the secret desires of the world and provides the resilience and endurance capabilities of a Land Rover with the luxury of a prestige car. There have been three generations of vehicle over the years; the first, the ‘Classic’ went on sale originally in 1970 and while improvements were obviously made, it remained in production for 25 years.

The second generation, the P38a went on sale in 1994 but was replaced by the current model in 2001. Finally, the third generation will be launched to mark their 40th anniversary on the market and this model will be smaller, lighter and more fuel–efficient. All of these, of course being in addition to the robust yet luxurious standards that customers understand to be synonymous with the brand.

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