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Sell my Porsche

AutoVIP are looking to help customers sell their Porsches. In order to make the process as easy as possible they have installed a simple 3 step process that makes the sale of your Porsche as smooth as possible.

  • Step 1: Get a Valuation – whether you would rather fill out the application form on this website or call a member of team on 08455 19 20 21, they will discuss the car with you to establish its state and then offer a FREE valuation based on the car’s specification.
  • Step 2: The Cash Offer – The valuation that the team provide based on the specification that you provide and if it reaches the standards that they work to, they will offer a no obligation, guaranteed cash offer for your Porsche. They work with a network of dealers exceeding 2000 across the UK and therefore are confident in delivering the best offer possible for your Porsche.
  • Step 3: Secure Payment – If you decide to accept the AutoVIP team’s no obligation cash offer, they will assess the car in person to ensure it meets the same standards that were originally detailed and provided it does they will then transfer the agreed sum of money into your account via a CHAPs bank transfer. This is an instant transfer that will see the money appear in your account almost immediately, only once you are satisfied that you have the money will the buyer take your car off your hands.

Porsche Models Wanted

AutoVIP work to a very specific standard and only deal in cars that are younger than five years old and have fewer than 40000 miles registered. They are keen to assist their customers with anything from settling outstanding finance on the Porsche to transferring number plates; they can help with everything.

Specialist Porsche buyers?

Millions £££s worth of cars already bought from satisfied customers.

AutoVIP have already purchased millions £££s worth of vehicles from celebrities, companies and private individuals searching for the very best Porsche buyers. They have a professional team with over 50 years experience in the motor trade and are ready to ensure the efficient, discreet sale of your Porsche. There really is no better way for locating Porsche buyers who will make the best cash offers for your vehicle.

How can I be sure that AutoVIP will find the best Porsche buyers for my car? AutoVIP understand that you want to find the best Porsche buyers who will make the best cash offers for your prized Porsche. You will also want a very straightforward and quick service? You probably want more than the Porsche buyers at your local dealership will offer? AutoVIP contacts Porsche buyers from main and specialist dealers throughout the UK to ensure they make the best cash offers for your car. Porsche buyers are currently desperate for used car stock and are looking for quality cars today.

The Story Behind Porsche

Ferdinand Porsche obtained international fame when he was named as engineer on the Lohner–Porsche electric car at the World Fair in Paris in 1900. Through the same year he developed an all–wheel–drive race car and a hybrid electric–petrol car. This innovative thinking is what put Porsche on the map and got him the position of Technical Director at Austro–Daimler in 1906, when he was just 31 years old. Along with his son Ferry, the two Porsches developed their design until the perfect balance between high quality engineering and luxurious interior and exterior designs had been reached. This is what we now know to be the Porsche brand and it continues to be a leading brand internationally in the world of automobiles.

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