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Free Valuation

Call or apply online and receive a free valuation tailored to the individual specification of your vehicle

Cash Offer

Guaranteed cash offer made after contacting our 2000+ dealer network. You then decide if you want to sell.

Secure Payment

Collection arranged at your convenience. Money paid directly into your account by secure CHAPs bank transfer.

Sell my Audi

AutoVIP are looking to assist you with the process of selling you Audi. They have put in place a reliable, efficient 3–step process that keeps the task as easy as possible:

  • Step 1: Contact Us – contact the team at AutoVIP for a FREE valuation of your Audi. These are tailored to the individual Audi’s specification to ensure that you get the best possible offer.
  • Step 2: Receive Guaranteed Cash Offer – Using their network of over 2000 dealers based across the UK, AutoVIP offer you a guaranteed, no obligation cash offer for your Audi. They are confident that you will not receive a better offer for your Audi.
  • Step 3: Secure Payment – Once the team have assessed the vehicle in person they agree to the final cash offer and, provided you agree with it and decide to take them up on that offer, they make a secure CHAPs bank transfer so you have the money immediately. Only once you are satisfied with the amount and that you have the money does the buyer take the car away.

Audi Models Wanted

AutoVIP specialise in Audis that are under five years old and have clocked up less than 40000 miles and they are looking to obtain a vast collection of cars to serve their network of buyers.

Due to their network spanning the UK and including in excess of 2000 dealers, the team at AutoVIP are convinced that you will not receive a better offer for your Audi. They also strive to assist you in any way they can by settling any finance you might have outstanding on your car or transferring your number plates. Nothing is too much for them.

Find the best Audi buyers THE NEW WAY

How do you find the best Audi buyers? In a NEW WAY, AutoVIP have built an exclusive network of competing Audi buyers throughout the UK to secure the very best cash offers for customers selling Audi vehicles. AutoVIP provide a FREE VALUATION AND NO OBLIGATION CASH OFFERS to sell your Audi that are firmly underwritten by Audi buyers from main dealer groups nationwide. If you accept an offer, the successful Audi buyer collects your car directly from home or place of work at a time that is convenient to you. AutoVIP are also Audi buyers, purchasing selected vehicles for their own stock. Selling your Audi to AutoVIP could not be easier. They can normally collect within 24 hours and always pay the money directly into your bank account prior to collection.

Looking for the very best Audi buyers? Call or apply online today. Valuation experts will make an assessment of your vehicle and then find the best cash offers from Audi buyers throughout the UK.

The History of Audi

Audi are synonymous with style, quality and luxury. The brand have been a presence on the market since the late nineteenth century. The name ‘Audi’ was thought of by one of the original founders’ sons who was doing his Latin homework in the same room as his father’s meeting was being held. The original name was ‘Horch’ after a founders’ surname, which in German means ‘hark’ or ‘hear’ and Audi is the singular imperative of ‘audire’ in Latin. Horch left the company in 1920, but the name was a roaring success. The first Audi car Type B was released in 1910 and since then the cars have gone from strength to strength being relaunched in 1965 under it’s new owner, the Volkswagon Group with the Audi F130 series.

Call or apply online for a FREE VALUATION and no obligation cash offers underwritten Audi buyers today.

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