Selling Your Car Throughout the Coronavirus Crisis

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Prestige Cars AutoVIP

It’s been a funny old year, hasn’t it? Among lockdowns and tiered systems, NHS miracles and test and trace, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the entire planet’s having an off year. Alas, the show must go on. Thinking of selling your car throughout the Coronavirus crisis? AutoVIP is here to help in a safe and secure manner…

Selling your car safely, with AutoVIP

Luckily for you, selling your car throughout the Coronavirus pandemic with AutoVIP is an altogether less stressful experience than popping down to your local shops and wading through a sea of mask-clad locals. The entire process can be conducted over the phone or using our online form. In fact, each step of the proceedings can be completely contact-free if you so desire – making it quick and easy, but more importantly, safe to sell your car throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

So how do you sell your car with us throughout the Coronavirus crisis?

In many ways, selling your car with us now is as safe and simple as it was before. Whatever car you’re selling, register your interest with us online or via 0330 880 8585. We’ll then take your details and consult our list of buyers. After that, we provide you with a list of offers and once you’ve chosen whichever you fancy, a collection date is arranged and the money is exchanged, contact-free the whole way! 

AutoVIP and Coronavirus

  • No showrooms or face-to-face interactions ✅
  • Cashless transactions ✅
  • Contact-free pickup ✅

The world is an altogether different place these days and, whatever happens, safety and security is paramount. While we aren’t endorsing luxury cruises around the world in brand new, sparkling performance cars, we are saying that financial troubles should be farthest from your mind right now. If you need to sell your car throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, for whatever reason, we are here to help in as comforting, genuine and safe a manner as possible. 

If you need to sell your car this winter, get in touch today and in the meantime: stay safe.

Disclosure: AutoVIP would never suggest that you do anything in contravention of current official Coronavirus guidance. Please take this article as general advice for buying and selling cars throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and check the NHS and UK Gov websites for the latest official updates.

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