Sell Your Prestige Car with AutoVIP

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Prestige Cars AutoVIP

Sell your Prestige Car with AutoVIP

If you go about it the wrong way, selling a Vauxhall Corsa can be complicated, let alone selling a prestige car like a Ferrari. Sell your prestige car the 21st century way with AutoVIP and take advantage of decades’ worth of experience in the luxury motor trade. Whether you’ve got a Lexus, Lamborghini, or Land Rover, AutoVIP’s simple three-step process will have you handing over the keys and driving away with a perfect offer…

Sell your prestige car

In the past, if you wanted to sell a prestige car you’d have to do all the legwork yourself; phoning local car dealers, sourcing a reputable representative, and completing a mountain of paperwork leading up to the eventual sale. While this approach might serve some vehicles, who do you turn to when you want to sell a prestige car? Are local dealerships likely to fork out a fair price? How do you go about making introductions in premium or luxury car dealerships? And more to the point, how much time is all of this going to take?

Sell your prestige car the 21st century way and shove the old-fashioned method firmly on the backseat. With AutoVIP at the wheel, it’s quick, easy, and convenient to sell a range of luxury and prestige cars in no time at all. 

“I was very impressed when AutoVIP found a buyer for my limited edition Maserati Gransport Spyder within 24 hours. Fast sale without having to compromise on the price.”

Sue Sue Loveluck

Maserati Gransport

Why sell your prestige car with AutoVIP? 

We have been in the motor trade for over fifty years combined, helping thousands of customers get the best deal for their prestige car, day-in, day-out. Bourne out of several decades of experience, AutoVIP have contacts in every corner of the UK; conversing daily with a range of luxury and premium car dealerships as if they were family. 

Unlike our competitors, AutoVIP aren’t simply a faceless company with a penchant for Porsches. We’re a tight-knit team with a passion for performance and a love of luxury cars. We relish the chance to get behind the wheel of whatever prestige car you’re selling and we love driving down the right dealership and chasing the right price. 

So, how do you sell your prestige car with AutoVIP?

“Very good, sold within hours. At a better price than any other offer.”

Derek Binns

Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

The AutoVIP process

Nobody wants the hassle of a convoluted, complicated process when they’re selling a prestige car. That’s why the AutoVIP three-step process is quick and simple: 

  • Step 1: Go to our website and fill in the “request your cash quote” form, or, if you’d rather speak to us directly, give us a call on 0330 880 8585
  • Step 2: We present your vehicle to our curated list of luxury car contacts, collecting their best offers and using our 50+ years of experience to drive home the best deal
  • Step 3: You choose the highest valuation and the successful prestige car buyers transfers the money and collects your luxury car at your convenience

That’s it! No running around individual dealerships, no car ads, no back-to-back viewings, and no drawn-out sales pitches – just honest dealing with trusted clients. If your prestige car is under five years old and clocking up under 40,000 miles, it’ll be snapped up in no time.

“What a fantastic service. I was a little sceptical at first but I filled out the online enquiry form – and the rest is history – I rate the service a 10 out of 10.”

Will Creak

Sell my prestige car

From Ferrari buyers to Lexus buyers, our nationwide network of premium car dealerships are always on the lookout for unique and interesting luxury cars – so you can sell your prestige car no matter what the badge. To sell one of our favourite prestige cars, take a look at some of our top categories below.

Ferrari buyers

We love a Ferrari at AutoVIP (I mean, who doesn’t?) and we’ve become pretty efficient at sourcing the right ferrari buyers over the years. Whether it’s time to take your foot off your cherished California’s clutch or turn your Enzo’s engine off, let AutoVIP handle the Ferrari buying process and we’ll make sure you get the best price when it’s time to sell.

“I don’t know how I will be able to top the service I received recently when I sold my Ferrari California. I have no hesitation in recommending AutoVIP to anyone and will definitely be using them again in the future.”

Steve B

Mercedes buyers

German-made to insane levels of quality and performance, Mercedes make a range of prestige cars that we love to see drive home to the right Mercedes buyer. Internationally renowned for luxury, comfort, and precision engineering, Mercedes continue to be an affordable prestige car that delights Sunday drivers and petrol-heads alike.

“Delivered what he said in a timely and efficient manner. Will use again on similar transactions.”

TP London

Porsche 997 Coupe / Mercedes E Class Cabriolet

Alfa Romeo buyers

It’s often said in the car world that you can’t consider yourself a true petrol-head until you’ve owned an Alfa. While we certainly think there’s a degree of truth in that at AutoVIP, we also understand when it’s time to let go. Using our industry contacts, we’ve found a selection of Alfa Romeo buyers for when it’s finally time to say ciao to your prestige car.

The representative arrived on time, checked my Alfa and paid me there and then. They are clearly very professional people and the process was very easy and painless. AutoVIP’s contacts are people at the top end of the motor trade and they made everything completely hassle free.

R Howe 

Alfa Romeo

Prestige car buyers

Whether you’re selling an Alfa, Lexus, Ferrari, or Mercedes, if you’re ready to sell your prestige car, get in touch, visit our website, or give us a call on 0330 880 8585 today. The right price for your prestige car is just around the corner…


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