Sell my Bentley

Sell my Bentley with AutoVIP

Bentley: a word cocooned in luxury and inseparable from the idea of gentlemanly endeavours and success. Despite having owned, polished, cherished and adored your slice of 1919 motoring heritage, there comes a time when one... Continue reading

VW Buyers AutoVIP

VW Buyers: AutoVIP

The vast majority of people would consider themselves fortunate to own a Volkswagen: a symbol of German engineering, outstanding build quality and a legacy that stretches back to before the Second World War. However all... Continue reading

The Golden Years

Welcome readers, In this blog instalment we will explore an era very close to my heart. A simpler time inevitably before Twitter and Instagram. A time when if you so wanted you could work on... Continue reading


Welcome readers, In this blog I will explain the chain of events that culminated in me doing something I almost never do! Admitting I was wrong…. I am often guilty of deciding about something or... Continue reading

Found My Brand

Welcome readers, In this month’s entry we are going to explore what really makes us choose what we drive. Brand. This links into image, perception and ultimately self-worth. What does what we drive say about... Continue reading